Saying Goodbye to Duke

Saying Goodbye to Duke

Our beloved Duke passed away last night much to our surprise.  Though we were blessed to have him for as long as we did (he was 15 or 16 years old), we still find ourselves saying, “If only we could have had just have one more day with him…”

Ambassador Duke was an intelligent, funny guy who bonded so much with Sam and the pack that all attempts to adopt him out failed (around 5 different times).  Sam was the one person he never tried to escape from <3  Hence, he became an ambassador and proudly helped us during educational events.

Duke had been on meloxicam (anti-inflammatory….) and for the last few weeks, pain med of tramadol…….  He was pretty frail…….  but he was bouncy and waggy to the end…bouncy in front…not so much the back end….what a guy—pushing through it all to be happy, affectionate, and mischievous.  We knew that even with the tramadol, he was still in some pain….but much better than without it.  What a guy!

The above picture of him riding in the trailer (one of his favorite things to do) was taken a year ago on April 2, 2015.  It was the last time he was able to ride in the trailer, and this is the way that we choose to remember him.

We will always miss you, Duke!!  Thank you for the memories.  Until we see each other again… .