Special Thanks!!

Special Thanks!!

We have a special thank you to Guy Auxer and Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls of Liberty Firearms Training!

Guy and Donna have been volunteers and friends of Never Cry Wolf Rescue for many years, and they came through again for us last Sunday when they covered all expenses for Dante during this final moments with us.

It’s hard enough having to go through such an ordeal–losing such a special companion–but it’s even more difficult having to deal with this loss plus trying to cover the costs associated with sparing your companion future pain and misery.  Guy and Donna handled all of the expenses for us.

Guy and Donna:  We cannot begin to thank you enough…they are no words.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

One Response to “Special Thanks!!”

  1. Guy Auxer says:

    You are most welcome, we loved the big guy and learned a lot from him every time we were together . .