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Find out how Never Cry Wolf Rescue can help you!

Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions (NCWR&A) exists to help many from county shelters nationwide to owners themselves who need to find their wolf or wolf-dog a new home.

So many people think that if they just release their wolf/wolf-dog out in the mountains somewhere, it will survive and live.  In actuality, this is a horrible death sentence to this animal!  Without the protection of a wolf pack, these animals are doomed to die a slow, agonizing death and more than likely, will be shot by a human before it dies of starvation.

Majority of the animals we’ve rescued have had tremendous, positive rehabilitation stories.  Below are just a few rescue stories (please see blog-posts on full stories for all three of these particular rescues).



Kenny, a boy who was milliseconds away from being put to death in a Texas shelter just because he was a “wolf-hybrid”; he is now a Never Cry Wolf Rescue Ambassador.





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Timber, a boy who was inches away from being taken away from his loving owners because of a complaint that the family had a “wolf”.  The family got in touch with Sam and drove all night to drop-off Timber in an effort to save his life.  And, they did just that!  Timber is also now an Ambassador for Never Cry.




What most people don’t realize is many animals are euthanized each year just because they were declared a “wolf” when, in actuality, there never was any wolf in them to begin with; they were put down under false assumptions.  On this note of such animals being misconstrued as a wolf, there’s the story of Sheba…

Sweet Sheba

Sheba was a little Husky-girl who didn’t have any wolf in her at all but just because someone labeled her a “wolf”, she was deemed doomed to die, sharing the wolf’s fate that humanity has bestowed on them.  NCWR&A stepped in and rescued her from certain death at a local shelter. Sadly, however, little Sheba passed away shortly after being placed with one of our nice foster families.  She had a grand mal seizure that was just too large for her to recover from.   She is truly missed!





Private Owners

If you are someone who needs to find your wolf/wolf-dog a new home but just don’t know where to turn, please contact us.  That is what we’re here for… to help you and give your beloved animal a chance to find a new forever home.  If we don’t have the space to take your pup in, we’ll help YOU re-home your pup by cross-posting him/her on our Facebook page (see our cross-posting section below).


If you’re a shelter that has had a “wolf” fall into your hands, please fill out our contact form!  If we don’t have the space to take them in ourselves, we will do what we can to help you!


Many people contact us wanting to relinquish custody of their animal to us.  Due to  space restrictions, however, we are only allowed to have a certain amount of animals, at our location, at any one time, by law.  Therefore, for those people needing to find another home for their fur-kid, we offer what we call cross-posting.  It’s a free service where we place a flyer up on our Facebook page to notify our viewers that there is a wolf-dog in need of a home (we call this process “cross-posting”).  We also make ourselves available to you for advice on what to look for in a potential family, answer questions you may have, etc.

Notes:  For people who are viewing our cross-postings, it’s important to state that we are only listing animals for people who have contacted us stating they have/own a wolf-dog that needs a home–as a courtesy service.  We do not have custody of the animals, and we are not responsible for any information listed.

We strongly recommend that you check out the validity of every non-profit organization that you’re considering relinquishing your animal over to.  Why?  Because there are quite a few individuals/entities who are claiming to be a legitimate non-profit rescue but are not.  Please read information on a 501(c)(3) organization.