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The Beginning

The Beginning

About Sam Blake, the Founder

Who Sam Blake is and some words from Sam himself:

“People wake up one day and think how cool it would be to have a wolf. In a very short amount of time they are kicking themselves for getting one. They are expecting the wolf to act like a dog. They don’t!

They think the best thing to do is to drive them into the hills of California and, turn it loose. This is a death sentence for a wolf that has been born and raised in captivity. The more I know man, the better I like wolves.”

Sam is a native of Oklahoma who has made his home in Sacramento and founded the organization (NCWR&A) in 1996. He owns and manages Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions (NCWR&A) from his home although his mission of rescuing wolves started about 30 years ago when Rambo, a large white wolf adopted him.

He has been described as having “a little bit of Choctaw Indian, a little bit of stubbornness” when standing up for the underdog, as well as, just having a natural, unabashed love for these animals. This love is genuinely apparent when you see Sam with his wolves. He has been compared to the Pied Piper of folklore because animals of all species, especially wolves, gravitate to him.

“Little Red Riding Hood Lied! No one has been killed by a wolf in the last 120 year. Man still thinks he is a monster.”

Sam Blake provides Native American and Wolf Educational programs to local schools and public events. Sam says his goal is to prove that the bedtime fable, “Little Red Riding Hood”, lied—that the fable is just exactly that: Fiction.

“Little Red Riding Hood Lied! Wolves are not the demons of the dark. Wolves and the Native Americans were America. They did more than just live side by side, they lived in brotherhood.

NCWR&A’s wolves and wolf-hybrids arrive from all directions and of all ages. NCWR&A may get a call from Defenders of Wildlife, the SPCA, Animal Control, or directly from people who have them in captivity who can no longer care for them. After NCWR&A locates them, NCWR&A nurses them back to health, socializes them, they become people-friendly, and NCWR&A then adopts them out to private homes that can care for them.

Releasing them back into the wild is no longer a viable option; they must live in captivity or die.”

Sam has established a similar modern-day brotherhood with his canine charges. And, the love and adoration that the wolves have for him is truly a sight to behold.

Our Ongoing Mission Statement

Founded in 1996 by Sam Blake, Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions (NCWR&A) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation which exists to rescue and nurture wolves and wolfdogs that have been abused or abandoned, and to educate the public of the myths and poor treatment of these beautiful animals.

With accurate education and awareness programs that NCWR&A delivers to the public based on facts, and not fictitious folklore and tales, through events, exhibits and our Wolf Education Program, NCWR&A is ever optimistic that people— young and old—will begin to understand the beauty, elegance and sophistication that these magnificent animals bring to our world.  And, hopefully these newly enlightened individuals who were once held hostage by their fear and misconceptions of these animals, will also take a stand in helping us save as many as we can while educating people along the way.

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