Howls of Thanks to: Maidu Museum!

Howls of Thanks to: Maidu Museum!


We would like to extend many howls-of-thanks to the Maidu Museum for their graciousness in allowing us to be a regular, on-site event.

We enjoy being able to interact with the many individuals that partake in all that the museum has to offer, teaching them about true wolf behavior.

Never Cry Wolf Rescue at Maidu Museum

“The Maidu Museum & Historic Site offers a safe, fenced natural haven for families and individuals who want a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Enjoy the open space surrounding¬†around the historic site, and explore the museum for information on the Nisenan / southern Maidu way of life.”

From a serene, natural setting to a unique gift shop offering “a wide selection of books about Native Californians and their way of life-past and present. We also offer jewelry by local artisans, minerals, arrowheads, other cultural artifacts and many nature-related items”, Maidu is a wonderful place to visit.¬† And, Sam and the pack would love to see you there!