Donations Needed to Save Three

Donations Needed to Save Three

We will be bringing in three beautiful girls (they are 3 out of 60 rescued from an exotic hoarder breeder) that have had a very hard life and we need your help to bring them home. Funds are needed to be raised to help with the very expensive transport from Los Angeles to Washington state, among other things such as building an enclosure here at the rescue and covering the remaining boarding fees for their time being boarded.

The goal of the fundraiser is a modest $3,000 (only half of the actual cost) to help with all of this. Every little bit helps!

We know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and everyone is busy adjusting their schedules and their pocketbooks to cover their upcoming celebrations. We ask that if everyone reading this can give just $5, we would be able to give a great Christmas gift to these three girls who deserve every chance to finally be safe and happy: A Home.

Please follow the link that will take you to the gofundme page where you can donate and … THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!