Sad News on the Wolf Front

Sad News on the Wolf Front

We need to continue to take a strong stance against anti-wolf legislation and that starts with us working collectively and rising to the challenge of taking on this legislation head-on.   We can do this a few ways:

  • It’s going to take not just educating the private sector (people like you and me) but the public sector (people working for government) as well on true wolf behavior
  • It’s going to take addressing and confronting the Rabies vaccination issue–working with veterinarians and other pro-wolf entities,  as well as, groups and organizations already spearheading this campaign
  • We need your help!  Our wolf ambassadors and ourselves are willing to do our part by making the meetings, organizing and attending educational events and workshops.  Help us get the word out that we’re offering wolf education courses in a valiant effort to contradict the fables and legends that have formed and shaped the minds of so many people who have taken these fables as fact rather than fiction


Please take a moment to read the most recent slaughter on these animals–below, and if you get the minute and have the capacity to do so, please consider supporting Defenders as they continue to fight for animals.


14 Dead in Lolo: Help stop aggressive wolf killing -->Donate Now 

It’s disturbing news: Earlier this month, federal employees took to the skies to kill wolves in the Clearwater National Forest.

By the end of this unscientific mission to boost game populations, 14 wolves were shot dead in the Lolo region of the Clearwater National Forest. Already, 28 wolves have been killed this season by hunters, trappers and other means in this area.

Please donate now to help us curb aggressive and unnecessary wolf-killing in Idaho, help ensure a lasting future for wolves in the American West — and protect the wildlife and wild places you care about.

Using federal resources to execute an expensive and unnecessary wolf-killing plan to artificially boost elk populations is simply outrageous and unacceptable.

Defenders is taking immediate steps to urge the Obama administration to reform Wildlife Services. The federal government should not be in the business of killing wolves to boost game populations — especially on our national forests.

We are preparing to mobilize tens of thousands of our supporters, reach out to media outlets and educate the public on this terrible, unnecessary killing of wolves.

That’s why we need your help right now.

Wolf killing operations like these throw science out the window.

Science tells us that elk declines in the Lolo are the result of multiple factors, including historic habitat changes, road-building and over-hunting. The knee-jerk reaction of exterminating wolves without addressing these other factors is not scientific — or sensible — wolf management.

Biologists aren’t even sure of the number of wolves in the Lolo region — killing dozens of wolves could wipe most of these magnificent and ecologically important animals out of the entire area.

Please donate now to help stop the unnecessary killing in Idaho.

Wolves are an essential part of a natural ecosystem and should not be treated like vermin to be exterminated to boost game populations. While Defenders and our allies have been working to restore these keystone species to their historic homes, Idaho officials are killing off too many wolves rather than managing them as valued wildlife.

The aerial gunning of wolves on our national forests is only the latest step in Idaho that unfairly targets wolves. Already, more than 400 wolves — perhaps half Idaho’s population — have been killed through hunting, trapping and other methods. That’s too many.

Idaho holds the core of the Northern Rockies wolf population. If this population is reduced to unsustainable levels, it will directly threaten the viability of the overall regional wolf population.

We need your help to stand up against aggressive wolf-killing policies and ensure a lasting future for wolves in the American West.

For nearly three decades, Defenders has been working with federal, state and local officials on the ground to find commonsense, science-based solutions to ensure that wolves are restored to their historic homes and thrive there.

We’re preparing for another season of our pioneering work with ranchers and livestock producers, using non-lethal techniques to keep wolves and livestock out of harm’s way.

But we need your support to stop aggressive, unnecessary policies that only appease anti-wolf extremists — and make our work to ensure a lasting future for wolves more difficult.

Please donate now to continue these commonsense efforts and protect the wildlife and wild places you care about.

Jamie Rappaport Clark Sincerely, 

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

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