Help Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions fight the good fight of saving the wolves— stay informed

Welcome to our Issues page where we will be highlighting anti-wolf legislation— both existing and introductory pieces— that require the attention of the public.  For starters, please review the below issues that we’re highlighting as of currently, and continue to keep watch for our blog posts that will be addressing new issues as they arise or come to our attention.

The more enlightened people become concerning the true nature of the wolf, the more people will be able to congregate together, in a single united force, for the purpose of overturning the outlandish ordinances, rules and legislation (city, county, state and federal) that only exist to harm, injure and, more often than not, kill these beautiful animals.

Below are a few links to websites that are currently listing the existing animal laws, as well as, sites that are fighting to save wildlife— wolves of course included.

CA Wolf Hybrid/Wolfdog Ban Section 681, Title 14, CCR, Hybrid Animals and Plants

Affected State: California. This proposed legislation from California Fish & Game has been tabled for the time being. For more information, please visit link

To our knowledge, this proposed ordinance has only been tabled and may be revisited in the near future. So, head’s up.

Montana Governor, Brian Schweitzer, authorizes wolf killings by the pack

Affected State: Montana. The Gray Wolf is on the endangered species list. You would think that an endangered species would be deemed as protected, cherished, and supported in order to thrive and be nourished to vitality once more. However, this isn’t the case with Montana’s Governor. Read the CNN post here:

Check out the Defenders of Wildlife have Wolf Recovery Petition Plans located on their site. A great deal of time and energy has gone into creating these petitions.

Finally, if we as admirers of these beautiful animals, don’t rise up to stop the government-wanted surge of blood that dawns across the land against the wolves, who will? It’s up to us and we must not lose! Otherwise, our children, and our children’s children, will only have the luxury of seeing a wolf in one of our country’s future history books. They will never have the opportunity to know the raw and unbridled loyalty and compassion that is born when a friendship is struck between a wolf and its human pack member.

Cold Wolves Found On E-Bay!

Is it safe to come out?

More and more wolf pelts are being located on the auction block on E-Bay and we, and wolves across the country, need you to voice your opinion and report these listing to E-Bay.

Please take a stand with us by reporting these listings to E-Bay. For more information on how to report such listings, please visit our “Society Against Cold Wolves” Facebook cause page.