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Meet Kenny, a boy who was milliseconds away from being put to death in a Texas shelter just because he was relinquished as a “wolf-hybrid”.  He is a Wolf Ambassador.
Timber, a boy who was inches away from being taken away from his loving owners because of a complaint that the family had a “wolf”. The family got in touch with Sam and drove all night to drop-off Timber in an effort to save his life.  And, they did just that!  Timber is also a Wolf Ambassador.

What most people don’t realize is many animals are euthanized each year just because they were declared a “wolf” when, in actuality, there never was any wolf in them to begin with; they were put down under false assumptions.  On this note of such animals being misconstrued as a wolf, there’s the story of Sheba… .

Sheba was a little Husky-girl who didn’t have any wolf in her at all but just because someone labeled her a “wolf”, she was doomed to die, sharing the wolf’s fate that humanity has bestowed on them (they are “unadoptable” by shelters and only wolf rescues, in majority of cases, can pull these animals from shelters).  NCWR&A stepped in and rescued her from certain death at a local shelter. Sadly, however, little Sheba passed away shortly after being placed with one of our nice foster families.  She had a grand mal seizure that was just too large for her to recover from.   She is truly missed!

Help for Private Owners

Though we take in animals from owners, we prefer to help them create the right relationship with their animal, as opposed too, giving them up.  We do this in the way of giving pointers, referring them to books that owners can buy that will help educate them on how to live with these animals (see Nicole Wilde’s “Living with Wolfdogs:  An Everyday Guide to a Lifetime Companionship, Second Edition (Wolf Hybrid Education)”), etc.

Most people have no idea the type of bond a wolfdog has, and separating them from their pack in whom they’re bonded with, is agonizing for them!  A bond for wolfdog/wolf is like that of a human family.  This separation is as devastating to them as if someone removed you from your family and slapped you into another one–a stranger’s home–expecting you to immediately love and accept them!

We’re here to help!  You can send us a private message on our Facebook page, which is the fastest way.


If you’re a shelter and you think you have a wolfdog, please feel free to contact us.  We would be glad to help you!  You can send us a private message on our Facebook page (the fastest way to reach us)!  If we don’t have the space to take them in ourselves, we will do what we can to help you!

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