Foster families play an important role at Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoption (NCWR&A) and are an enormous resource as well. Fosters generously opening up their homes to our animals enables us to rescue many more.  And, there are currently many animals needing to be rescued.

Sheba with Janna

To answer the potential question of why we don’t have all of the wolves at one location, Danielle Johanson said it best during an interview at Denios Market in Roseville, CA when she stated, “The reason that we don’t have a great number of animals, in any one location, is they take a lot more supervision and love and care then a regular dog would.  So, these guys end-up packing and are rehabilitated by their foster moms until they are ready to be adopted out into real homes.”

Every week, NCWR&A turns down five to six requests from all over the nation as we just don’t have the space to take them all in. On average, we are able to rescue one animal per week.  With foster families helping us, these numbers can change dramatically in favor of rescuing more animals.  So, you can see why foster families are an integral, valued component here at NCWR&A… we can never have too many foster families!

Things to think about if you want to become a foster family. What would happen to the animal if:


  • You go on vacation?
  • You lose your job?
  • You lose your home?
  • One of your family members is allergic to animals?
  • *A baby comes into the home?
  • The animal gets sick?
  • The animal doesn’t get along with other family pets?
  • How would you go about introducing the animal to your current pets?
  • The animal suffers from anxiety?


If you would like to become a foster family for NCWR&A, please fill out our Foster Application form.

To all of our current foster families:  THANK YOU!

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