• Rescuing Wolves and Wolfdogs for YEARS!

Donations & Volunteering

Donations & Volunteering

The best way to support us–helping save wolves and wolfdogs, as well as, educating others–is by donating.  There are several ways that you can donate, which are listed below.

From PayPal to U.S. Postal Mail to our Facebook Causes, you, too, can help save the wolves! And, not only are the donations 100% tax deductible, 100% of the donations received go towards supporting the wolves, as well as, educating the public on the true, compassionate nature of wolves and wolf-dogs!


In Memory or Honor of

If you would like to donate to us in memory of a lost loved one, or in honor of a friend or family member at their request, we would be honored to receive such a donation.  Your name will be placed on a special page that can be accessed from this [Donations] page entitled “In Memory or Honor Of“.


Purchase Items Where Proceeds Go To Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions

[pullquote_left]Every penny received, is never a penny wasted! [/pullquote_left]

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