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Thu 21, Jul, 2011
Turn the Tide

Help us, help Jack including all the wolves and wolf-dogs nationwide by making your voice heard! We are working hard at posting anti-wolf legislation, on […]

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Thu 21, Jul, 2011

We added a cross-posting section under our Adoptions page.  This section is dedicated to spreading the word that there are many wolf-dogs who are in […]

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Sat 18, Jun, 2011
Sponsor Howls!

We are sending out an AAAUUU to our newest sponsor:  Dogz Kennels!  If you want to secure your wolf, wolf-dog or whatever breed of dog […]

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Sat 11, Jun, 2011
Endangered Grays

Montana is in our cross-hairs as we spotlight Montana’s policy on wolf hunting this June 2011, which doesn’t bode well for the gray wolf. If […]

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Sat 28, May, 2011
Special Offer!

For the remainder of May through June, we are offering a special advertising offer to those who make monetary donations! If you make a monetary […]

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Thu 19, May, 2011
Special Thanks!!

We have a special thank you to Guy Auxer and Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls of Liberty Firearms Training! Guy and Donna have been volunteers and friends of […]

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Sun 08, May, 2011
Aren’t wolves respo

Wolf Predation Plays Small Role in Livestock Losses in 2005 Additional details on Wolf Predation and Livestock Losses are available on Defenders of Wildlife’s website.

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