Adoption Criteria

Some basic instructions on our adoption criteria are as follows:

  • Check with your local Animal Control for policies to make sure that it’s legal to own one where you live. You will need written consent from your local Animal Control that you are allowed to adopt a wolf-dog.
  • If wolf-dogs are legal to own where you live, and you’re approved by Animal Control to adopt one, you’ll then need to fill out our Adoption Application
  • We request a reimbursement donation for any medical care that we’ve incurred, for the animal you wish to adopt, e.g., spaying/neutering the animal, bring the animal current on all shots, etc.

Cost to Adopt

The reimbursement of expenses for one animal, saves the life of the next; you may also be able to receive a tax-donation for your donation as we’re a 501 (c)(3) entity.


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