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Our large yard, for our high-contents, boasts a 9-gauge chainlink that is 8' tall with a 2' lean-in at the top, and a 3' skirt at the bottom to prevent them from digging.   It's very expensive but well worth it! We get many people who think that a standard six-foot fence made of wood is sufficient for a wolfdog--or no fence at all--because the dogs should "feel free to roam".   This is absolutely wrong!  A loose wolfdog can often be found as a dead wolfdog, ie, shot by someone, hit by a car, captured and possibly euthanized, etc.


Yes, Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue!  All donations are tax-deductible, and all proceeds go to the animals.  Our staff is 100% made of volunteers--we have no paid staff.  We appreciate your support!