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Facebook Crosspostings

When our rescue is at capacity and we can’t bring in new fosters, we want something to offer the owners of animals who contact us needing to re-home their wolfdog.  This is where Facebook Crossposting comes in.


Facebook crossposting is where we place up on our wall *wolfdogs that need new homes.  What better way to find a wolfdog a home than to assist the owners in matching them with a new family.


The process is described as such.  An owner contacts us saying that they need to relinquish their animal for whatever reason.  They submit a written bio on their animal e.g., skills, problems, bite history, the length of ownership, the reason they need to rehome their animal, the animal’s age, health history, spayed/neutered, etc., to us along with at least two current pictures.  They also tell us what their rehoming fee is so we can list it (this is something that we strongly suggest owners receive), contact information,  and such to us and we turn around and post all such on our Facebook wall and here on our website.  When the **owner has successfully vetted and furthermore decided on a new family, they contact us to let us know so that we can update the animal’s status to “ADOPTED”.

This method of helping to rescue these animals has been very successful!  We have been able to help save wolfdogs from death (it’s a death sentence to them if they end up in a shelter because they’re not adoptable especially if there is no wolfdog rescue/sanctuary that has the room to take them in), which is our number one goal!



  • *The animals are NOT in our physical custody nor do we have any possession legal or otherwise of them
  • **It’s the owner’s responsibility to obtain and check out the references of interested parties and decide their wolfdog’s new family
  • We strongly advise against flying animals anywhere and urge owners to locate new families that are within distance of 200 miles or less for vetting and transport purposes
  • Interested parties will need to contact the owner directly for any further information
  • We strongly urge owners to require a modest rehoming fee
  • All animals that are “stated” to be part-wolf may not be.  We try and phenotype (this is an educated best guess) all requests coming in because MANY of the animals thought to be part-wolf aren’t…at least in our professional opinion based on physical characteristics (a DNA test called the “Wolf-Dog Hybrid Test” is offered by UC Davis Veterinary Hospital for animals in question as to whether or not they are truly part-wolf)

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