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Welcome to NCWR&A’s Adoption page–hosting some beautiful shots of special wolf-dogs seeking a forever home.

Some basic instructions on our adoption criteria are as follows:

Note:  The reimbursement of expenses for one animal, saves the life of the next; you may also be able to receive a tax-donation for your donation as we’re a 501 (c)(3) entity.

Wolf-Dogs Up For Adoption

We are currently in the midst of a relocation project and will not be accepting foster animals at least until such time as the project has been completed and we are up and running in our new location.  When this time comes, we will place a notice on the site informing viewers that we’re accepting foster animals and said animals will be displayed on this site under the Adoption Pages, which is currently down until this time comes.  Thank you for your understanding!


Many people contact us wanting to relinquish their animal to us.  Due to  space restrictions, however, we are only allowed to have a certain amount of animals, at our location, at any one time, by law.  Therefore, for those people needing to find another home for their fur-kid, for free, we place a flyer up on our Facebook page to notify our viewers that there is a wolf-dog in need of a home (we call this process “cross-posting”).

Note:  It’s important to state that we are only listing animals for people who have contacted us stating they have/own a wolf-dog that needs a home–as a courtesy service.  We are not responsible for any information listed.  If you are interested in any of the animals listed, you will need to contact Jessie Riggs for the owner’s contact information if it isn’t listed with the photo.