Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions is a 501(c)(3) entity. (Please see the Internal Revenue Service’s page for more information about the legal definition of a 501(c)(3).)

Many rescue entities claim their legitimacy in their name (“rescue”) and/or by offering animal owners  what often sounds like a verbal résumé of their stated list of accomplishments in animals they’ve found  forever homes for (people who hang on to the coat-tails of a bona fide non-  profit organization  elsewhere; thereby, believing this gives them the legal  right to take peoples’ pets and their donations).  However, as an owner looking  for a legitimate rescue organization with which to relinquish your beloved  pet, you need to beware of the malicious intentions of notoriously self-  proclaimed individuals and/or organizations who would only be interested in  promoting their names and elevating their self- righteous behaviors, as  opposed to, putting the animal’s need first.


If the person and/or entity cannot boast legitimate, tangible proof of their legal standings with all said authorities governing rescue groups, please do not give them any further consideration, for your animal’s sake.

Checking Tip:

Ask the non-profit you’re interested in to show you their EIN #.

We would be more than happy to furnish our documentation (licenses and permits) upon your request!


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