Is Government Ignorant to True Wolf Behavior?

Is Government Ignorant to True Wolf Behavior?

As per California Fish and Game below, “Gray wolves pose little direct risk to humans”.  If this is the case, then why are they not intentionally reintroducing these much needed and special animals into our state’s ecosystem?  Hmm… Sounds fishy to me.

As per CA Fish and Game…

“Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)

At this time, there is only one documented gray wolf living in the wild in California.

On Dec. 28, 2011 a 2 ½-year-old, male gray wolf entered California after traveling from northeast Oregon. Designated OR7, his behavior, called dispersal, is not atypical of a wolf his age.

Historically, wolves inhabited California, but were extirpated. Before OR7, the last confirmed wolf in California was here in 1924 and since then, investigated “sightings” have turned out to be coyotes, dogs, wolf-dog hybrids, etc. DFG wildlife managers anticipated that wolves would eventually enter California, and have been preparing for it.

  • The State of California is not intentionally reintroducing wolves.
  • Gray wolves pose little direct risk to humans.
  • Any wolf that enters California is protected as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act.”
(Read the full page on CA F&G here.)

Speaking of wolves being a much-needed factor in the ecosystem, read what Carter Niemeyer, a former predator specialist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (who worked around these animals for three decades) and author of the new book “Wolfer” has to say in this article written by Matthew K. Jensen of  Matthew quotes Mr. Niemeyer as saying , “Neither myself nor my colleagues have ever had a close call with wolves,” he said. “They are potentially dangerous but I have never had a wolf stand its ground or be aggressive around me in any way shape or form, let alone attack.”   (Read the whole article here.)

We encourage our site viewers, as well as our Facebook “likers”, to read the above two pages.  They’re short-reads yet very informative.  We would like to get your comments on the differences between the two [pages] and why YOU think California’s government (state, Fish and Game, city and county governing entities) is still ignorant to the true nature of wolves and what YOU think it’s going to take to open their eyes?