Turn the Tide

Turn the Tide

Help us, help Jack including all the wolves and wolf-dogs nationwide by making your voice heard!

We are working hard at posting anti-wolf legislation, on our website, as fast as we hear about it.  How you can help is by placing a comment under the article declaring your disdain for such barbaric yet condoned methods of wolf extermination.

One of our goals is to show Congress, we, the people, are many.  And, as a collective force, we insist that all anti-wolf legislation be rescinded and overturned!  Congress needs to be educated on true wolf behavior instead of holding on to myths and legends that depict wolves as monsters.

You can start here if you want, under this thread by leaving your comments.  We look forward to standing with you on behalf of the wolves.

Thank-you-howls are going out!

2 Responses to “Turn the Tide”

  1. Nanci says:

    These are beaautiful and precious creatures, and their extermination must stop NOW! This killing is disguesting, and wrong, stop it now!
    I had a loyal four legged friend who protected me from evil men, we need more of them!

  2. Pamela Gardner Brokenwolf says:

    A friend on FB had Never Cry Wolf as her Birthday wish donation site. I’m so glad I became acquainted with you all. I have a dog rescue and usually on my last dollar but am sending $10.00 a month. Hopefully my financial situation will improve and I can contribute more. I also support First Nations Wolf program. God Bless you and God please, please Bless our Wolves.