Waiting List Protocol

Waiting List Protocol

Currently, we have a long waiting list for people—public and private—that need to relinquish their wolves and/or wolf-dogs to NCWR&A in hopes of placing them into a new home.

We’ve been rescuing now for many years and one way that helps us decipher who is serious about finding their wolf-dog a new home and who isn’t is by their willingness to donate a minimum of $100.00 upon the surrendering of their animal. This money helps us buy the food to feed the animal, cover any initial medical bills, purchase necessary items such as collars, leashes and such, as well as, any other foreseeable and unforeseeable need that will arise for the said animal.

We exist of course to rescue all wolves, wolf-dogs, as well as, dogs mislabeled as a “wolf’; however, we need donations in order to continue to exist and perform this much-needed service. It’s important to state that only “wolf” rescues can rescue any animal declared “wolf”. We are not the same as other animal rescues. For example, other dog rescues can take in any breed they so desire; there are no restrictions on them from taking in a German Shepherd to a Poodle save for one: They cannot rescue any animal that has been deemed a “wolf”—whether whole or in part—and whether true or false.

Currently, our Waiting List is at 70+ and priority is placed on those individuals who care enough to donate to us, which in turn, is helping us support their animal while we locate a forever home for him/her. The higher the donation submitted, the higher up the list the person’s animal is placed because we translate higher donations as “urgent” cases from serious people.

Should you have any questions about the Waiting List, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is our hope that you understand that our motives are pure and simple: To rescue the wolves and educate the public. And, 100% of donations received go to this very cause and solely to this objective.

If you have questions for us, please email us at ncwolfrescue@yahoo.com. We look forward to helping you!