A Vital Beat - Passed

A Vital Beat – Passed

One of the vital beats that make up the heartbeat of Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions, passed on this past Sunday, the 15th of May. His name was Dante.

Dante was a charismatic, old soul who charmed each and every person that had the opportunity to meet him. Through his charm and grace, people were quick to be educated on the true nature of the wolf as that of being sweet, loyal souls who surround their every day life in love and respect.

If Dante touched your heart, we would love to hear about it. Please leave your testimonial to Dante, and condolences to Sam, Danielle and the rest of the pack at Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions, below as a comment.

Farewell, Dante. We will always love you, never forget you and are better for having known you. We’re saddened and filled with a void that only you can feel but will continue on educating others on your behalf. We love you.

One Response to “A Vital Beat – Passed”

  1. You will be missed Dante. I am fortunate to have been able to photograph you. You will live on in me for many years to come.