Jessie Riggs - Woodland, California

Jessie Riggs – Woodland, California

I’ve been an active volunteer for a short while compared to other folks who have had this wonderful opportunity much longer than myself.

Having fun

It is always a very special treat for me to have the chance to speak out for the wolves, on behalf of Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions, whether it’s in-person at events (I have the most fun working the cage with my wolf buddies, of course) or behind-the-scenes online.

I admire Sam Blake for his loyalty to the wolves and his never-ending dedication to the public with regards to teaching them true wolf behavior…helping them to discern fact from the fiction. ┬áSam, you’re simply amazing!

I also greatly admire so many others within this extraordinary organization (Danielle, Betty, Cory, Joe, Nicole and Chief just to name a few) who also volunteer their time and efforts along with Sam.

Without Sam and Never Cry Wolf Rescue to bring about this much-needed education, many individuals’ minds, wills and emotions would be sadly engrossed with fear and misconception, which would continue to bring many a wolf to the crescendo of their impending demise just because they’re a wolf.

Thank you for allowing me to play a part in such a phenomenally dedicated organization, and thank you for allowing me to play with my wolf-friends.

I also thank you, on behalf of my entire family, who also is afforded the gift of being able to volunteer.

Howls and Hugs from all of us!