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Does California have wild wolves?

Does California have wild wolves?

The Grey wolf, indigenous to California, was killed over 75 years ago.  There are no more packs of wolves anywhere except in the four areas that they were just re-introduced – Great Lakes, Arizona, Rocky Mountains, and Yellow Stone.  Siskiyou County, in California is under proposal for a fifth location.  To make this happen, Defenders of Wildlife needs our support.  Also, a human has never been killed by a wolf in the wild in the past 120 years in the lower 48 states.  The only wolves, or wolf-dogs, living in California are owned as pets and are living in domestic situations.


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    Where did you get this information. Calif Fish and Game reports the last wild wolf in Calif was killed in 1929. Defenders of Wild life also has published this and they were erradicated along with the grizzly. In the year 2000 the Doug Smith was going to re introduce the wolf to Calif but, was stopped by a court order.